Team Work
Team Work

About us

Neobiz Technologies helps businesses to make the best use of the latest technologies and cloud infrastructure to reinvent the customer experience. Our modern, simplistic solutions can be seamlessly integrated into any business model. Our focus is to help you create a better tomorrow for your business, and it starts with getting connected to Neobiz Technologies.


Our vision is to build a leading customer-centric company that values excellence, respect, diversity, and inclusivity. Through our unique solutions, we aim to provide secure and scalable digital solutions to diverse businesses across the globe to accelerate their growth.


Our mission is to constantly deliver outstanding digital solutions to satisfy your need for the best. By using the best tools and technologies trending globally, we are on a mission to provide custom-designed solutions that fit your requirements and augment your business's sales and profit.

What We Do

Neobiz Technologies bestows companies with the latest technology and cloud infrastructure to optimize the customer experience. We provide modern and advanced solutions that fit all business models. We want to help entrepreneurs create a sustainable future for their business as we value excellence, dignity, diversity, and inclusivity. Through our unique innovations, we aspire to provide effective digital solutions to various companies around the world. Our mission is to provide customized solutions that fulfil your requirements and improve the sales and profit of your enterprise by using the most widely-used technologies and tools.

How We Do

As a company, we aim to serve our customers in the best way possible. Our prime goal is their satisfaction and not merely monetary gain. With our smart digital solutions, we look forward to empowering businesses and startups so that they can focus on the other crucial aspects of their businesses. We operate with trust and integrity so that our customers can rely on us for their technological needs. With efficient digital technology, a business can aim to thrive in today's competitive business environment. Constant innovation from our side results in the advent of new technologies that enable customers to discover new possibilities.


The Team



Managing Director - India


Managing Director - USA


Chief Operating Officer - India

Sampath Alex

Sampath Alex is the Managing Director of Neobiz Technologies’ Indian branch in Chennai. With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and sales of products all over India, he is the visionary guiding the growth of the company. His strong beliefs and experience in digital marketing allow us to provide customized, unique solutions for businesses of all sizes and shapes, all over the world.

Adlin Asok

Adlin Asok is the Managing Director of Neobiz Technologies’ USA branch in Delaware. She leverages her experience in computer engineering and cybersecurity to provide our customers the highest secure solutions based on their requirements. She uses her expertise working in the industry to make ultimate, modern solutions that make Neobiz Technologies the centre focus of SMBs that wish to upgrade their operations security.

Aswatha Rajamanickam

Aswatha Rajamanickam, the Chief Operating Officer of Neobiz Technologies, is from Bangalore, India. With a comprehensive background in business administration, she is the leader that refocuses the sales and marketing activities of Neobiz Technologies. She leverages her experience in sales and marketing of industrial products to create unique business activities that support our clients' marketing and development strategies.